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#1001 – Extra Welt Hits by Extrawelt

We’re on a family vacation to Mexico this week, which adds a level of complication to listening to my album. Admittedly, after the amount of poolside cocktails that were consumed this afternoon, I forgot to pick an album until quite late in the day. Boy, would it be embarrassing do break the streak just one…

#1000 – The ConstruKction of Light by King Crimson

I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this long enough to get to 1000 albums. This project, which became a small, daily accomplishment and writing exercise during the Covid lockdown, has truly become a defining part of my daily routine. I know there’s not a ton of people out there going on this listening odyssey…

#999 – Uninvisible by Medeski, Martin & Wood

Last night I went to a new venue in Ventura, CA to see The Wood Brothers, one of whom is Chris Wood of today’s selection. It was an old bowling alley that has very recently been converted into a music venue and restaurant. Though it’s probably not the best sounding place I’ve ever seen a…

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