#147 – The Wack Album by The Lonely Island

I loved the first two Lonely Island albums, so it’s a little weird that it took me this long to listen to their 2013 offering, but today was a good day for it.  It’s hard to forget the cacophony of calamity that is consuming the world, and especially the United States.  The pressures of pandemicContinue reading “#147 – The Wack Album by The Lonely Island”

#146 – Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen and The Fibonacci Sequence

Watching tonight’s debate was both demoralizing and humiliating for our entire nation.  I wanted to listen to something that encapsulates those feelings and I ended up going pretty dark with it.  Messiaen wrote this quartet while he was in a German prisoner of war camp in 1940.  It was first performed in the camp forContinue reading “#146 – Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen and The Fibonacci Sequence”

#145 – The Predator by Ice Cube

I worked on an episode of a talk show today that featured a Zoom call with Ice Cube.  He was there to talk about the election, plus a project he’s been working on called the “Contract With Black America.”  It’s a compilation of demands/suggestions for how America can reckon with its history of mistreatment ofContinue reading “#145 – The Predator by Ice Cube”

#144 – Paranoid Cocoon by Cotton Jones

We are rapidly approaching perhaps the most consequential election cycle in American history.  The crossroads that our nation stands at has terrifying implications for humanity and the world will be watching with bated breath.  We’ve gone further down the road towards fascism than most Americans would have thought possible, which speaks to our own naiveté. Continue reading “#144 – Paranoid Cocoon by Cotton Jones”

#143 – The Source by Ali Farka Touré

I’ve always gravitated towards guitar music.  It’s the instrument I’ve spent many years learning and listening to and I always manage to find something to like about most any guitarist.  It is extremely versatile and is similar to the many stringed instruments that are ubiquitous in all different world music traditions and so has foundContinue reading “#143 – The Source by Ali Farka Touré”

#142 – Villa-Lobos: Guitar Works by Heitor Villa-Lobos and Sonja Prunnbauer

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to some classical guitar and when I started considering the options, I kept coming across the name Villa-Lobos, the great Brazilian composer and guitarist.  While his full orchestral works are fantastic, I always like a good solo guitar piece.  Early in my audio career, I recorded a lotContinue reading “#142 – Villa-Lobos: Guitar Works by Heitor Villa-Lobos and Sonja Prunnbauer”

#141 – Madvillainy by Madvillain

Since I’ve repeatedly stated my affinity for interesting collaborations, I won’t yet again belabor that point.  Madvillainy, suggested to me by my most prolific album-recommending friend, is the 2004 offering from Madlib and MF DOOM, reminded me that my selections have become homogenous recently.  The recommendations that I get have not only provided interesting listeningContinue reading “#141 – Madvillainy by Madvillain”

#140 – Carolina Medicine Show Hokum and Blues with Baby Tate by Pink Anderson

Pink Anderson spent about 30 years traveling around the south with medicine shows, performing his songs in between sales pitches from snake oil salesmen.  He never made a recording until the 1950s, when he was discovered by folk singer Paul Clayton.  As a result of these recordings, he was subsequently included in the documentary filmContinue reading “#140 – Carolina Medicine Show Hokum and Blues with Baby Tate by Pink Anderson”

#139 – The Only Sounds That Matter by Indiana

Sometimes you come across an album and know that you’ve found a missing piece of your soul.  So it was when a friend played “My Last Trip to Baltimore” for me, I knew right away that this album would be a future daily selection.  The distinctive sound of late ‘90s emo-rock is somewhat nostalgic forContinue reading “#139 – The Only Sounds That Matter by Indiana”

#138 – Fourth Wall by The Flying Lizards

I set out to find today’s selection, intending to listen to some interesting modern classical or experimental music and, a few dozen clicks down the road, I came across the collaboration between The Flying Lizards and minimalist pianist and composer Michael Nyman entitled “Hands 2 Take.”  Fourth Wall features some experimental noise-making, but there areContinue reading “#138 – Fourth Wall by The Flying Lizards”