#142 – Villa-Lobos: Guitar Works by Heitor Villa-Lobos and Sonja Prunnbauer

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to some classical guitar and when I started considering the options, I kept coming across the name Villa-Lobos, the great Brazilian composer and guitarist.  While his full orchestral works are fantastic, I always like a good solo guitar piece.  Early in my audio career, I recorded a lot of live classical music.  It was mostly small, chamber performances of one to five musicians, with a smattering of full orchestral and choral performances.  There is something timeless about one musician with one instrument in a nice-sounding room.  It is a performance style that has existed as long as there have been musical instruments and can be an extremely powerful experience.  This album definitely brought back memories of setting up a makeshift recording studio in the kitchen – or hallway, or back patio – of assorted Newport, Rhode Island mansions. 

PS – Classical album art is extremely boring. We couldn’t find a picture of the place in Brazil where Villa-Lobos lived or grew up? I realize that part of the music business isn’t trying to be flashy or anything, but this one feels lazy.

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