Let’s be listening buddies.

We can all use a little distraction these days.  Each day, I post about an album selection that I have never listened to before.  Join me!  Let’s broaden our horizons during this time of crisis.  Try something new, you might enjoy it!

Latest from the Blog

#440 – Dither by moe.

Over the past few years I’ve gotten more and more into the jam band scene, which has led me to check out many artists that I have long been aware of. In this case, I have friends from as far back as college and high school who have been obsessed with moe. for as longContinue reading “#440 – Dither by moe.”

#439 – Bloom by JIRM

I’ve been slipping a lot lately, both in my once diligent posting habits and in my commitment to choosing artists from around the world. I’m not going to pretend that that’s why I picked this one, because I didn’t realize that they were Swedish until afterwards. Nonetheless, it will hopefully serve as yet another opportunityContinue reading “#439 – Bloom by JIRM”

#438 – Color Wheel by Aqueous

Someone sent me a video of these guys’ set from the Peach Festival and I had to check out an album. Another entry for my live music to-do list.

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