Let’s be listening buddies.

We can all use a little distraction these days.  Each day, I post about an album selection that I have never listened to before.  Join me!  Let’s broaden our horizons during this time of crisis.  Try something new, you might enjoy it!

Latest from the Blog

#403 – self-titled by Mammoth WVH

When the son of the legendary Eddie Van Halen puts out his band’s first album, it seems like a solid choice for the daily selection. How bad can it be? Not too bad at all, it turns out.

#402 – Relayer by Yes

I was reminded today of the legendary Steve Howe’s role in my guitar journey. It was the combination of a few concert experiences that led me to take up the guitar at the age of 17, and I can’t imagine what my life would be without it. Yes has always been a mind-blowing band toContinue reading “#402 – Relayer by Yes”

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