Let’s be listening buddies.

We can all use a little distraction these days.  Each day, I post about an album selection that I have never listened to before.  Join me!  Let’s broaden our horizons during this time of crisis.  Try something new, you might enjoy it!

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#370 – Ice Melt by Crumb

It’s such a huge relief to have something to look forward to again. Today, at long later, has seen the announcement of this year’s Phish tour dates. I’m sure the majority of you are rolling your eyes at me, as this sentiment sounds hyperbolic to someone without this particular obsession. To you I say, don’tContinue reading “#370 – Ice Melt by Crumb”

#369 – The Exciting Lloyd Price by Lloyd Price

I heard that Lloyd Price passed away, and since all I knew of him was the Grateful Dead’s cover of “Stagger Lee,” it seemed only fitting to listen to an album of his. Continuing in my proud, unintentionally morbid tradition of discovering artists from their obituaries.

#368 – Sleeping Operator by The Barr Brothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all! I hope all the moms had a nice, relaxing day, and all the dads and kids reflected on how fortunate they are to have such amazing women in their lives.

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