Let’s be listening buddies.

We can all use a little distraction these days.  Each day, I post about an album selection that I have never listened to before.  Join me!  Let’s broaden our horizons during this time of crisis.  Try something new, you might enjoy it!

Latest from the Blog

#999 – Uninvisible by Medeski, Martin & Wood

Last night I went to a new venue in Ventura, CA to see The Wood Brothers, one of whom is Chris Wood of today’s selection. It was an old bowling alley that has very recently been converted into a music venue and restaurant. Though it’s probably not the best sounding place I’ve ever seen a…

#998 – Apocalypse by Mahavishnu Orchestra

I had a phase in high school and college when I was obsessed with the virtuosity of jazz fusion artists, not the least of which being John McLaughlin and his various projects. And so, when I read an article about Sir George Martin’s experience of producing this album, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to…

#997 – Stress: The Extinction Agenda by Organized Konfusion

I came across this album on a hip hop subreddit in which people were complaining that this album has never been reissued. While I was not familiar with this particular project, I did spend much of my high school years listening to Pharoahe Monch, one half of this duo along with Prince Poetry. And don’t…

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