Hi, I’m Ed and this is my quarantine project.

Recently, I was forced into a bit of a career change (sound familiar?).  I went from working on TV shows to running my own home daycare.  While taking care of my kids is definitely the best use of my time at the moment, it has left me wanting for time to work on my usual projects. 

One thing I do have time for, however, is listening to music and I have been trying to listen to at least one new album every day.  It occurred to me that I could include other people in my listening project and give us all something different to think and talk about.  Additionally, it will force me to have more accountability to the project and do a little writing each day. 

Each day, I will be posting about a different album that I have never listened to before.  That is the only rule.

My tastes are eclectic and span virtually all genres of music, so even if you don’t like the day’s pick, I urge you to stick with it.  Tomorrow could be the day you discover your new favorite band, song or album…

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