#144 – Paranoid Cocoon by Cotton Jones

We are rapidly approaching perhaps the most consequential election cycle in American history.  The crossroads that our nation stands at has terrifying implications for humanity and the world will be watching with bated breath.  We’ve gone further down the road towards fascism than most Americans would have thought possible, which speaks to our own naiveté.  In the face of widespread racial justice demonstrations, there is still an element in this country who would seek to reconsolidate the power of rich, old white men.  They surprised a lot of us in 2016 and they have a solid chance to do it again this November.  As much as I would like to think that enough of America has had our president’s questionable motives rubbed in their faces to drive them to vote on their own behalf, the self-assured cowboy attitude of about half of the country makes me wary of optimism.  This is going to be a grueling and ugly next couple of months and I’m not entirely convinced our nation can take it, which is a scary thought to entertain.  If truth and justice ever meant anything to America – emphasis on the “if” – now would be the time to show that our constitution is not just empty promises and winks between powerful slave owners, but was meant to be taken seriously and include us all. 

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