#145 – The Predator by Ice Cube

I worked on an episode of a talk show today that featured a Zoom call with Ice Cube.  He was there to talk about the election, plus a project he’s been working on called the “Contract With Black America.”  It’s a compilation of demands/suggestions for how America can reckon with its history of mistreatment of Black people.  It’s a rare day indeed when I work on something with truly meaningful content, let alone content that I agree with so strongly.  If you haven’t heard of this project, I would highly recommend googling it.  Especially if you are white and extra especially if you are not a Black Lives Matter supporter.  There is no realistic road forward for our nation unless these issues are faced seriously addressed by America as a whole.  Not if we want to be taken seriously by our own fellow citizens and the world as a whole.  Anyway, it occurred to me that I haven’t listened to much of Ice Cube’s solo catalog, so I took it back to ’93.  Listening to the content of The Predator, it sounds like it could’ve been released this year.  The same issues are possessing our nation that were in play following the Rodney King verdict and we are still not taking the actions necessary to prevent future generations from fighting these same fights over and over again.

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