#229 – self-titled by Tomorrow

Though they have been nearly forgotten by history, Tomorrow were considered one of the first-generation figureheads of the British psychedelic music scene, along with the Soft Machine and Pink Floyd.  In the long run, the most notable thing about Tomorrow is that their guitarist was Steve Howe, the six-string wizard of Yes and Asia whoContinue reading “#229 – self-titled by Tomorrow”

#172 – In Search of Space by Hawkwind

Hawkwind is another band who most have never heard of, but who were instrumental in the course of rock history.  They are cited as influences of many bands of different genres, from psychedelic to punk.  They also have an impressive list of former members, with over 40 and a wiki all their own.  Apparently, theyContinue reading “#172 – In Search of Space by Hawkwind”

#158 – The Fragile Army by The Polyphonic Spree

As we continue to approach what may prove to be the most important election in American history, and the evidence of the president’s misdeeds continues to pile up, various factions are getting more desperate and paranoid and are ramping up their rhetoric and activities.  The news of the plot to kidnap the governor of MichiganContinue reading “#158 – The Fragile Army by The Polyphonic Spree”

#144 – Paranoid Cocoon by Cotton Jones

We are rapidly approaching perhaps the most consequential election cycle in American history.  The crossroads that our nation stands at has terrifying implications for humanity and the world will be watching with bated breath.  We’ve gone further down the road towards fascism than most Americans would have thought possible, which speaks to our own naiveté. Continue reading “#144 – Paranoid Cocoon by Cotton Jones”

#137 – The Evil One by Roky Erickson

It confusing sometimes, when discovering new music via Spotify.  They don’t really care at all about having accurate and detailed credits or even album release dates.  Roky Erickson came to my attention the other night as I went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and when I started listening to The Evil One this evening, IContinue reading “#137 – The Evil One by Roky Erickson”

#132 – Independent Worm Saloon by Butthole Surfers

Anyone who has been to a concert has experienced the camaraderie of strangers who have been thrust into each other’s presence for a little while.  It doesn’t matter who they are, they like the same band as you and they’ll be standing close by for the next few hours, so it’s preferable to have friendlyContinue reading “#132 – Independent Worm Saloon by Butthole Surfers”

#131 – Ege Bamyasi by CAN

A German avant garde rock band from the 70s is generally a good source of weird music.  The use of dissonant noise in music is fairly common these days, so a modern music fan might not find this album particularly unusual, but these albums were and are extremely influential.  So many sounds that have nowContinue reading “#131 – Ege Bamyasi by CAN”

#127 – The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips

Until a few months ago, I had only ever listened to one album by the Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles the Robots.  I’ve written before about a theory posited by a friend, who is a musician and music appreciation professor, that music finds you when your are ready for it.  The Flaming Lips are another bandContinue reading “#127 – The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips”

#119 – Truly Fine Citizen by Moby Grape

It’s hard sometimes to unplug enough from the steady stream of upsetting news long enough to write about the daily album selection.  Every day there’s a new outrage to process on so many different fronts that you have to find some distance from it for a little while.  Whatever your chosen escape is – mineContinue reading “#119 – Truly Fine Citizen by Moby Grape”

#92 – II by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

I don’t mean to be giving free advertising to Spotify, but it has been such a great platform for discovering new artists.  These guys were suggested when I played a Tame Impala song at work and became the perfect lunch hour soundtrack.  These daily installments of new music have been a nice mini-retreat for aContinue reading “#92 – II by Unknown Mortal Orchestra”