#225 – Bundles by Soft Machine

I just did a shallow dive into the history of Soft Machine, after discovering them on a Spotify progressive rock playlist.  Turns out the album I chose to start with, their eighth, which features their most played song, is the first offering of a very different lineup with a different feel and style to goContinue reading “#225 – Bundles by Soft Machine”

#223 – At Least For Now by Benjamin Clemantine

We’ve been watching the new Apple+ series, The Morning Show, and the song “Nemesis” is featured in the opening title sequence.  There are only 10 episodes in the series, but I Shazam-ed this song no less than four times over the course of the three days that it took us to binge our way though. Continue reading “#223 – At Least For Now by Benjamin Clemantine”

#149 – Largo by Brad Mehldau

Now that the corona virus has infiltrated the highest offices in our nation, it’s hard to imagine the kind of mental gymnastics that it would take to still not think masks are important.  I don’t wish death upon anyone and this type of death seems pretty torturous, but I understand the people who are celebratingContinue reading “#149 – Largo by Brad Mehldau”

#133 – It Is What It Is by Thundercat

I was not aware of Thundercat until his crazy and surreal performance on “The Eric Andre Show” on Adult Swim.  That also seems to be all that the Coachella audience was aware of as he took the stage there a couple of years ago.  I think many viewed it as a sort of sideshow andContinue reading “#133 – It Is What It Is by Thundercat”

#131 – Ege Bamyasi by CAN

A German avant garde rock band from the 70s is generally a good source of weird music.  The use of dissonant noise in music is fairly common these days, so a modern music fan might not find this album particularly unusual, but these albums were and are extremely influential.  So many sounds that have nowContinue reading “#131 – Ege Bamyasi by CAN”

#121 – School Days by Stanley Clarke

A really interesting and fun thing about musicians, and artists in general, is learning about the people who inspired your favorites.  You get a little glimpse of the fandom of someone who you admire as well as the works that they sought to emulate in their quest to create something that is truly their own. Continue reading “#121 – School Days by Stanley Clarke”

#112 – The Birthday Concert by Jaco Pastorius

One more jazz one and I’ll move on, at least for a little while.  The selection of the Pat Metheny album from a couple days ago came from an article about Jaco and the story behind his appearance on Bright Size Life.  On a week which has seen renewed demonstrations against yet another unwarranted policeContinue reading “#112 – The Birthday Concert by Jaco Pastorius”

#110 – Bright Size Life by Pat Metheny

I saw a YouTube video about Jaco Pastorius and learned a little about this album.  They were all so young when it was recorded – Metheny was 21 – but it’s clear from the first song that you are hearing something legendary.  There’s so much great stuff to be discovered once you start listening toContinue reading “#110 – Bright Size Life by Pat Metheny”

#105 – Lovers by Nels Cline

Our Kevin Bacon game, so far: The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced – and is the husband of – Michelle Branch, who was featured on Santana’s “The Game of Love.”  On a later album, Santana collaborated with Metallica, who backed up Lou Reed, who was in The Velvet Underground with John Cale, who wrote anContinue reading “#105 – Lovers by Nels Cline”