#149 – Largo by Brad Mehldau

Now that the corona virus has infiltrated the highest offices in our nation, it’s hard to imagine the kind of mental gymnastics that it would take to still not think masks are important.  I don’t wish death upon anyone and this type of death seems pretty torturous, but I understand the people who are celebrating Trump’s diagnosis.  Personally, I’d like to see him have fairly serious symptoms, but survive to see his loss at the polls, then be aggressively prosecuted by the next administration and congress.  If he dies of covid-19, he would be canonized by his base and probably the republican establishment.  Also, if he dies and the democrats win on election day, their natural impulse to take the high road will lead them to let the Trump children off the hook for their plethora of misdeeds, which would be pretty disappointing.

 It’s a pretty common historical theme with republicans who oppose progressive policies to recant when the benefits of those policies are rubbed in their face.  There is no shortage of video clips out there of people who changed their mind about universal healthcare when they were diagnosed with cancer or whatever.  Unfortunately, making a mental pivot like that requires one to have the ability to see the error of their ways and I have a hard time believing that our president has the capacity for that level of self awareness. 

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