#155 – Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert

As I’ve been thinking about Eddie Van Halen over the past couple of days, the sheer number of artists whose careers arguably might not have existed if not for him is pretty amazing.  A whole genre of virtuosic guitar technicians came about, with almost classical-style instrumental compositions.  There was a time in my musical journeyContinue reading “#155 – Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert”

#114 – Noon by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon

Noon is the third album by this seemingly unlikely duo and it definitely lives up to the standard set by the other two.  Mike Gordon, the bass player of Phish, has a long history of making music with virtuosic guitarists and Leo is a very unique one indeed.  His playing – and voice – isContinue reading “#114 – Noon by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon”

#110 – Bright Size Life by Pat Metheny

I saw a YouTube video about Jaco Pastorius and learned a little about this album.  They were all so young when it was recorded – Metheny was 21 – but it’s clear from the first song that you are hearing something legendary.  There’s so much great stuff to be discovered once you start listening toContinue reading “#110 – Bright Size Life by Pat Metheny”

#105 – Lovers by Nels Cline

Our Kevin Bacon game, so far: The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced – and is the husband of – Michelle Branch, who was featured on Santana’s “The Game of Love.”  On a later album, Santana collaborated with Metallica, who backed up Lou Reed, who was in The Velvet Underground with John Cale, who wrote anContinue reading “#105 – Lovers by Nels Cline”

#97 – Shaman by Santana

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced – and is the husband of – Michelle Branch, who was featured on Santana’s “The Game of Love.” Ok, that was a pretty easy connection to make.  Santana has always put out fun albums that feature a lot of high-profile guest performances.  Once, while on tour together, Santana welcomedContinue reading “#97 – Shaman by Santana”

#78 – Room For Squares by John Mayer

I was never a huge fan of John Mayer until he became the new Jerry Garcia.  I knew he was a great guitarist, but I just never thought I’d be in his target audience and for the most part, I am not.  At each of the several Dead & Company shows I’ve attended, I’ve heardContinue reading “#78 – Room For Squares by John Mayer”

#51 – Mordechai by Khurangbin

I really thought this was going to be the day that I managed to publish my post before sunset.  I listened to Mordechai this morning, thereby setting myself up for success, only to be thwarted by parenting duties and other household concerns.  Tomorrow’s another day of possibilities.  You may have noticed that the blog hasContinue reading “#51 – Mordechai by Khurangbin”

#39 – I Was Walkin’ Through The Woods by Buddy Guy

I once saw a documentary about Buddy Guy with a story about Jimi Hendrix, who was apparently such a fan of Buddy Guy that he either cancelled, or abruptly shortened, a show of his that was down the street from where Buddy was playing that night.  There follows footage of Buddy’s performance from that evening,Continue reading “#39 – I Was Walkin’ Through The Woods by Buddy Guy”

#37 – Live in 1960 by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

I only heard about Sister Rosetta Tharpe a few months ago and now I feel like I’m seeing her referenced pretty regularly.  Listening to this album, it’s easy to see why she’s so influential.  In addition to being a fantastic and innovative guitarist, her energy and passion permeate her performances.  She’s also considered one ofContinue reading “#37 – Live in 1960 by Sister Rosetta Tharpe”

#35 – This Land by Gary Clark Jr.

I saw Gary Clark Jr. at Coachella a couple years ago, and was impressed both by his collection of classic guitars and his ability to captivate an audience of millenials at the man stage with a set of blues rock that would have seemed perfectly at home in the mid-‘70s.  Maybe I hadn’t paid closeContinue reading “#35 – This Land by Gary Clark Jr.”