#51 – Mordechai by Khurangbin

I really thought this was going to be the day that I managed to publish my post before sunset.  I listened to Mordechai this morning, thereby setting myself up for success, only to be thwarted by parenting duties and other household concerns.  Tomorrow’s another day of possibilities.  You may have noticed that the blog has been exclusively Black artists since the demonstrations started.  It was meant as a (very mild) show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter and police reform movements, and I can only hope that any part of their message has been conveyed to someone out there.  While it goes against the inclusive intention of this project, it felt important to use this platform, small as it is, to make clear my views on the crossroads where we find our country and ourselves.  Though I will be returning to the diverse musical selection that characterizes my listening habits, the need for meaningful and lasting alterations to the fabric of our society is never far from my thoughts and you will continue to see this as we go forward together.

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