#97 – Shaman by Santana

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced – and is the husband of – Michelle Branch, who was featured on Santana’s “The Game of Love.”

Ok, that was a pretty easy connection to make.  Santana has always put out fun albums that feature a lot of high-profile guest performances.  Once, while on tour together, Santana welcomed as a guest performer John Fishman, Phish’s drummer and lead vacuum player.  For the uninitiated, from time to time, Phish will perform “I Didn’t Know,” which features a vacuum cleaner solo played with an old Electrolux unit.  It is usually a once-per-tour rarity and is always appreciated by the throngs of phans.  It’s not hard to see how others would be less impressed.  Apparently, one of Santana’s percussionists convinced him to let Fish sit in with them, which he did with his usual gusto.  From the telling of Trey Anastasio, Carlos was not amused, but Fishman was too engrossed in his performance to notice.  I’ve seen Santana live a few times, including around the time that Shaman was released, but this story is what I think of when I’m reminded of him.

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