#187 – Protect the Land/Genocidal Humanoidz, Mezmerize by System of a Down

I wanted to choose these new singles by System of a Down, who are using their platform to bring awareness to the plight of Armenia, which once again is under attack.  However, since nobody would consider that an album, I’m pairing it with one of their earlier albums in the spirit of the blog.  AsContinue reading “#187 – Protect the Land/Genocidal Humanoidz, Mezmerize by System of a Down”

#181 – Once More ‘Round the Sun by Mastodon

I was looking for something to listen to this evening that contains both aggression and cleverness.  Enter Mastodon.  Although this album is new to me, they are one of my favorite heavy, proggy bands.  Also, they put on an amazing show, which, along with everything else in the world today, makes me nostalgic for simplerContinue reading “#181 – Once More ‘Round the Sun by Mastodon”

#155 – Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert

As I’ve been thinking about Eddie Van Halen over the past couple of days, the sheer number of artists whose careers arguably might not have existed if not for him is pretty amazing.  A whole genre of virtuosic guitar technicians came about, with almost classical-style instrumental compositions.  There was a time in my musical journeyContinue reading “#155 – Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert”

#153 – Diver Down by Van Halen

The world lost a guitar legend today.  In the ever-increasing history of guitar music, there are people who come along now and again who create something completely new an original.  Eddie Van Halen is one of these, whose contribution to the guitar world was so massive that he will continue to inspire young musicians forContinue reading “#153 – Diver Down by Van Halen”

#98 – Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica

Our Kevin Bacon game, so far: The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced – and is the husband of – Michelle Branch, who was featured on Santana’s “The Game of Love.”  On a later album, Santana collaborated with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.  This is a genuinely odd album.  I would certainly not say it’s bad, by anyContinue reading “#98 – Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica”