#187 – Protect the Land/Genocidal Humanoidz, Mezmerize by System of a Down

I wanted to choose these new singles by System of a Down, who are using their platform to bring awareness to the plight of Armenia, which once again is under attack.  However, since nobody would consider that an album, I’m pairing it with one of their earlier albums in the spirit of the blog.  As a member of a certain chosen people of Israel, I have a particular sensitivity to any story involving even the slightest whiff of genocidal behavior.  Between that and the Armenian friends and coworkers I have, and the large Armenian population in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, it has been on my mind much of these past few months.  The limited coverage of the conflict in the American media, even during the toxic election cycle we are still embroiled in, has been disappointing to say the least.  I can only hope that the new, incoming state department reverts from the current path of pursuing only American corporate interests around the world to its previous mission of diplomacy, which would once have necessitated our involvement in this conflict.  If it wasn’t clear what influence America has over foreign conflicts, our total abdication of any responsibilities to other nations has truly opened the door for aggressive nations to act while our government intentionally snoozes. 

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