#186 – Rubberneck by Toadies

This morning I had an easier time getting up than I can remember in several years.  I felt lighter, stronger and more energized than I was yesterday morning and I have to say, it was quite enjoyable.  It’s as if half of the nation is coming out of a prolonged depressive state, with the other half going the other way.  I’m just glad to be coming out of it this time.  Today’s selection seemed appropriate in light of the toadies in the White House – the ones without Covid, anyway – all having to keep their heads down and punch up their resumés.  While I anticipate a good deal of entertainment over the next couple months as the Trump administration tears itself apart, the potential for them to set the place on fire on the way out is far too real to be able to comfortably laugh about it.  I will definitely be doing my best, though.

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