#166 – White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground, responsible for a lot of musical experimentation, is also like a blueprint for generations of indie rockers.  Especially in terms of drug usage.  They’re a great example of a cult following developing in the years after they were active.  The artists who came after them and the genres they inspired comprise someContinue reading “#166 – White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground”

#131 – Ege Bamyasi by CAN

A German avant garde rock band from the 70s is generally a good source of weird music.  The use of dissonant noise in music is fairly common these days, so a modern music fan might not find this album particularly unusual, but these albums were and are extremely influential.  So many sounds that have nowContinue reading “#131 – Ege Bamyasi by CAN”

#115 – Luciferian Towers by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

I had never heard of these guys until I went to the Desert Daze festival a few years ago.  Desert Daze is in Joshua Tree National Park, in California and it is some serious desert.  The main stage is oriented so the moon comes up behind it, hence the name Moon Stage.  Godspeed You! BlackContinue reading “#115 – Luciferian Towers by Godspeed You! Black Emperor”

#98 – Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica

Our Kevin Bacon game, so far: The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced – and is the husband of – Michelle Branch, who was featured on Santana’s “The Game of Love.”  On a later album, Santana collaborated with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.  This is a genuinely odd album.  I would certainly not say it’s bad, by anyContinue reading “#98 – Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica”