#115 – Luciferian Towers by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

I had never heard of these guys until I went to the Desert Daze festival a few years ago.  Desert Daze is in Joshua Tree National Park, in California and it is some serious desert.  The main stage is oriented so the moon comes up behind it, hence the name Moon Stage.  Godspeed You! Black Emperor was playing the closing set on the second stage, which meant they went on at 1:00 AM.  I had gone by myself for just the one day so I could see Primus headline the main stage.  A friend had said that I should not miss the opportunity to see Godspeed, so I was planning on seeing the start of their set and then getting on the road back home to LA.  As it went on and on, I kept saying “OK, let’s see where this is going…” to myself over and over until it came to the end of their set.  I ended up making back to my apartment around sunrise, but was thoroughly satisfied with the experience and had a new obscure artist to obsess over.  Also, Desert Daze had some of the best festival food I’ve ever had, most importantly the chicken tandoori burritos.

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