#116 – Trust Fall (Side B) by Incubus

My Incubus fandom tapered off after Light Grenades, but I was pretty obsessed with them for a while in college.  When I first moved to LA and was going to a lot of random club shows, I used to see Mike Einzinger, the guitarist, sit in with random artists from time to time.  This EP doesn’t quite have the edge and heaviness that originally won me over, but since they haven’t released a full length album since 2011, I’ll take what I can get.  Trust Fall (Side B) is the follow up to a 2015 EP of the same title (that one was Side A.  Get it?).  The one time I saw them live was at LA’s Wiltern theater.  We got in for free because my buddy knew a security supervisor there who would let us in and give us seats in one of the handicap boxes, assuming no wheelchairs were in attendance.  When you have those seats, you have to remain seated in folding chairs, ostensibly to not draw attention to the fact that able-bodied people are occupying the space.  Partway through the show, a couple was seated in the box with us.  We didn’t pay much attention to them until we tried to hand the guy a joint and realized it was John Legend and whoever he was dating at the time.

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