#121 – School Days by Stanley Clarke

A really interesting and fun thing about musicians, and artists in general, is learning about the people who inspired your favorites.  You get a little glimpse of the fandom of someone who you admire as well as the works that they sought to emulate in their quest to create something that is truly their own.  Today’s selection is by Stanley Clarke, a man who redefined the bass for a lot of people.  He is cited as a direct influence of one of my favorite artists in any medium, Les Claypool.  In Stanley’s playing can be heard the basis for the truly unique style that Les has cultivated throughout his career with his band, Primus, and the many other acts that he has been a part of.  I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Clarke sit in with Primus a number of years ago, and despite the knowledge of his influence over Les, it was a revelatory experience to watch someone who I have spent so much time listening to play alongside his hero and inspiration.  It was such a great and memorable experience and I can only hope that all live music fans get to experience something similar in their lifetime.

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