#413 – Britney Jean by Britney Spears

#FreeBritney. I’m on vacation and don’t have enough time to get into all of my feelings about this particular perpetuation of the patriarchy, so I’ll just say this: Can we please let this poor pop superstar live her life? Can anyone out there imagine this happening to even the messiest male celebrity? Even Shia LeBoeufContinue reading “#413 – Britney Jean by Britney Spears”

#410 – Eat The Light by Lotus

I’ve spent the last few days traveling with the family and it has been quite the roller coaster ride. Unpredictable ups and downs coming in left and right, often with precious little respite strewn about. Nothing has ever made me question my life choices so frequently and so deeply. But this is the selected pathContinue reading “#410 – Eat The Light by Lotus”