#259 – Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters

Just one of the many A-list artists performing in the virtual inaugural celebration this evening, Foo Fighters were once in my regular listening rotation, but they have had several albums since I stopped paying close attention.  This was truly a monumental day, both in the firsts that occurred – mainly the first black, south AsianContinue reading “#259 – Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters”

#257 – Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by New Radicals

This one popped up in my news feed the other day after it was announced that the New Radicals would be reuniting for one performance of “You Get What You Give” as part of the inauguration ceremony for our new president, Joe Biden.  It feels really great to write that, almost as great as it’sContinue reading “#257 – Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by New Radicals”

#256 – Nighttiming by Coconut Records

As hard as it is to have success in the entertainment industry, I’m always awed by those who are notable for more than one artistic medium.  There are not a ton of people in that category, and even fewer whose efforts I appreciate on multiple fronts.  Coconut Records is the solo project of actor andContinue reading “#256 – Nighttiming by Coconut Records”

#255 – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never by Oneohtrix Point Never

I have no idea how I came across this album, so I’ll give credit to some spotify algorithm.  No matter how it happened, I’m mighty pleased that it did.  I’ve listened to some fantastic albums in the past week alone, and I have to take it as a positive omen for the year to come. Continue reading “#255 – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never by Oneohtrix Point Never”

#254 – Dead Star by King Buffalo

This is an excellent album by this heavy psych band from Rochester, NY.  While writing these posts, I’ve discovered a whole bunch of artists that I am now obsessed with, and these guys are going to be high up on that list.  I will be looking forward with great interest to the day when theseContinue reading “#254 – Dead Star by King Buffalo”

#251 – Honeysuckle Weeks by The Submarines

The past week has been pretty surreal. It’s hard to believe that only seven days ago, we were sitting here waiting for the results of the Georgia senatorial elections. The amount of insanity that has bubbled over in this country is pretty intense. More than anything, it’s yet another reminder of just how fractured AmericanContinue reading “#251 – Honeysuckle Weeks by The Submarines”