#404 – Finding Flora by Lisa Parade

This week I’m working on one of the most prestigious live events of my very underwhelming audio career: a middle school graduation ceremony for an exclusive private school. It’s at least as well-run and entertaining as a great many random award shows and live events that I’ve worked on. Anyway, the music teacher that isContinue reading “#404 – Finding Flora by Lisa Parade”

#401 – Sidewalk by Frankie and the Witch Fingers

These guys were in a playlist called Psych, but I feel like they’re more of a post-punk/alt-grunge band. Either way, they have capitalized on a surefire tactic for getting people to listen to your album. Putting some bare breasts on your album cover will not only get more random listens, but also more young maleContinue reading “#401 – Sidewalk by Frankie and the Witch Fingers”

#400 – Spring 1990: So Glad You Made It by Grateful Dead

Since today’s selection is such a big milestone for this blog, I decided that it should be something that reflects what my listening habits have been like throughout the pandemic. No matter the genre of the daily selection, my days have always included a healthy dose of jammy, hippie shit. And before the real deadheadsContinue reading “#400 – Spring 1990: So Glad You Made It by Grateful Dead”

#398 – Valtari by Sigur Rós

These guys have long been my go-to soundtrack for any good mind-altering experience. In fact, a friend recently had what he described as a life-altering moment that involved Aegætis byrjun. Despite this, there are still several of their albums that I have never listened to. Seems like I should correct that, if only out ofContinue reading “#398 – Valtari by Sigur Rós”

#397 – All The Right Reasons by Nickelback

I met someone this past weekend who is an enthusiastic and unapologetic Nickelback fan, something of a unicorn in my world. I’m of the opinion that there is always some value to seeing a performance by any artist that can fill venues the way that these guys do, so I decided to give them aContinue reading “#397 – All The Right Reasons by Nickelback”

#396 – Kedu America by Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe

I’ve been reading a series of great African novels recently. To be more precise, I’m in the process of completing a trilogy that I first began to read about ten years ago with Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. It’s probably the most famous African novel to be translated into English. The trilogy follows differentContinue reading “#396 – Kedu America by Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe”