#499 – Fear of Death by Tim Heidecker

Usually when you hear about an actor or comedian who also writes music, the product is nothing special. They parley their extant fame into a little bit of attention to their album, generally not to be repeated. This one is actually not in that category. A country album from a comedian sounds like it shouldContinue reading “#499 – Fear of Death by Tim Heidecker”

#493 – Emily’s D+Evolution by Esperanza Spalding

I worked on a session with this artist in college. A good friend of mine was producing it and I can remember sitting in the control room and thinking that she would surely by very famous, very soon. Fast forward five or six years and I saw Esperanza opening up for Prince. I’m not sayingContinue reading “#493 – Emily’s D+Evolution by Esperanza Spalding”

#491 – Bridging the Gap by Black Eyed Peas

I was talking to some friends about music the other night and somehow we got on the topic of the Black Eyed Peas’ albums before Fergie joined their ranks. I remember having owned the first one, which I thought was decent, but not exciting enough for me to come back for more, apparently. Now, havingContinue reading “#491 – Bridging the Gap by Black Eyed Peas”