#595 – Radio Tragedy by Tea Leaf Green

I can’t believe how often I’ve been getting behind with my blog posts. While I do always pick an album and listen to it, I often don’t compose a post until days later. I realize that I claim to be recommitting myself to this project each time that happens, but I really mean it thisContinue reading “#595 – Radio Tragedy by Tea Leaf Green”

#590 – Lighter by Donna Missal

I saw this artist live last night at the Hollywood Palladium, one of my favorite venues. She has been touring in support of Chvrches, an excellent electro-pop band from Scotland, and her set blew me away. Aside from her own great material, she covered “Fake Plastic Trees,” one of my favorite Radiohead songs. Now IContinue reading “#590 – Lighter by Donna Missal”