#650 – In Plain Sight by Neil Francis

It’s just a coincidence that this happened, but this album was recommended by my most prolific suggestor. While it was unintentional, it is certainly fitting to have the selection for a big round numbered day be from this person. He’s never led me astray and this one is no exception. I’ve already listened to thisContinue reading “#650 – In Plain Sight by Neil Francis”

#647 – Pang by Caroline Polachek

When I was younger, I did not respect the world of pop music. I always thought it was so commercial and bland, which is a super closed-minded attitude. Now that I’ve put the effort in, I’m regularly discovering incredible artists that fall into that category. It’s been quite the surprising discovery, but one that I’mContinue reading “#647 – Pang by Caroline Polachek”

#643 – It Takes A Thief by Thievery Corporation

Perhaps you recall a few posts back when I referenced a list of artists that people recommended for psychedelic experiences. Nowhere is it more clear how important personal taste is than in such a situation. You want to have the correct set and setting for your experience, and to me, this is not the moodContinue reading “#643 – It Takes A Thief by Thievery Corporation”