#1016 – The Sahara Sessions by Etran Finatawa

One of my favorite music scenes that I’ve come across through this listening project has been of the Saharan blues. These kinds of discoveries have been as delightful as they were unexpected. The whole point of this blog was to broaden my horizons, but I still am pleasantly surprised on a regular basis, which repeatedlyContinue reading “#1016 – The Sahara Sessions by Etran Finatawa”

#1015 – This Stupid World by Yo La Tengo

I just got into the Yo La Tengo catalog last year, despite having known of them for years. They’ve been a fixture in a bunch of my choice playlists recently, so I was very excited to see them release a new album. They’re actually playing in LA next weekend, though I’m already going to anContinue reading “#1015 – This Stupid World by Yo La Tengo”

#1014 – Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat

I was going through the old Phish Halloween shows, which typically feature some kind of gimmick, such as a “musical halloween costume.” This is when they choose a classic album to cover from start to finish. In 2010, this album was the selection, and in light of my obsession with the Linda Ronstadt version ofContinue reading “#1014 – Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat”

#1012 – ATUM, Act I & II by Smashing Pumpkins

Every time Billy Corgan releases new music I get a little excited, because he provided a significant part of my youthful soundtrack. It’s been a long time since the Pumpkins did anything that holds a candle to the albums that made me fall in love with them initially, but there’s always a chance, so IContinue reading “#1012 – ATUM, Act I & II by Smashing Pumpkins”

#1010 – USERx by USERx, Matt Masson & Roswell

This album came to my attention on a certain subreddit that what discussing the lyrics of some of these songs and whether they are making reference to a certain type of psychedelic substance that provides the user with intense visual hallucinations over a short period of time. Is that vague enough? (Spoiler alert, it kindaContinue reading “#1010 – USERx by USERx, Matt Masson & Roswell”

#1009 – Lullaby for Liquid Pig by Lisa Gerimano

This artist was featured in the Spin magazine column Top 5 Albums I Can’t Live Without this week, which was penned by Radiohead drummer Philip Selway ahead of the release of his new solo album. Lisa was a contributer to his first solo album, Familial, and he wrote so effusively about her work as bothContinue reading “#1009 – Lullaby for Liquid Pig by Lisa Gerimano”

#1008 – The Future is Your Past by Brian Jonestown Massacre

I first learned of this band through the 2004 documentary Dig, which chronicled their relationship with The Dandy Warhols. Basically, the gist of us was that people (including, it seems, The Dandy Warhols themselves) felt that these guys were more talented songwriters, but their career was severely handicapped by the on and off stage anticsContinue reading “#1008 – The Future is Your Past by Brian Jonestown Massacre”