#26 – Paris Live 1969 by Ritchie Havens

As Los Angeles goes under curfew for a second night of demonstrations, I decided to listen to some Ritchie Havens, who was probably the first activist/musician that I was exposed to.  I remember seeing footage of him from Woodstock when I was young and was blown away by how one man with an acoustic guitarContinue reading “#26 – Paris Live 1969 by Ritchie Havens”

#25 – To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is the next social justice crusader/artist for our little listening project, with many more to come.  As Los Angeles goes under a curfew tonight amid increasing demonstrations and rioting, it’s hard to think about anything else.  The combination of coronavirus quarantine and mass protest across the country are giving white Americans a tasteContinue reading “#25 – To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar”

#23 – Blackstar by David Bowie

Today’s selection was Bowie’s 25th, and last, album, released just two days before his death in 2016.  It was rare that year to not hear a tribute to him at concerts of all kinds.  I’ve always been a fan of his, but my knowledge of his later albums is pretty limited.  It’s interesting and fittingContinue reading “#23 – Blackstar by David Bowie”

#22 – Fuzz Machine by Marc Ford

I learned of this album from a Relix article about Marc Ford and the abrupt ending to his relationship with Rich Robinson.  I definitely saw Marc with the Black Crowes several times, but was not familiar with any of his solo work.  This album is filled with great guitar work from a rock master.  ItContinue reading “#22 – Fuzz Machine by Marc Ford”

#21 – Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors

I have no idea who recommended Dirty Projectors to me.  I’m not going to pretend that I immediately loved this album, but there was certainly plenty to like.  They have some very interesting use of percussion throughout and that alone will make me go deeper into their repertoire.  Early in the album, I was frequentlyContinue reading “#21 – Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors”

#20 – Friend And Foe by Menomena

Happy Memorial Day!  The phrase experimental rock always piques my interest, especially when I have been stuck in the same space with the same people for an extended period of time.  I get extra excited about discovering new music these days, so its pretty important to pick a good album to keep myself moving inContinue reading “#20 – Friend And Foe by Menomena”

#19 – Ladies of the Canyon by Joni Mitchell

I was going through the Nick Drake catalog this evening and it somehow led me to Joni Mitchell.  I knew she was a legendary songwriter and a really interesting guitar player, but had never spent any time on her albums.  For a long time, the only performance of hers that I had seen was fromContinue reading “#19 – Ladies of the Canyon by Joni Mitchell”

#18 – BLUE by iamamiwhoami

This album caught my attention by its description as an “independent audiovisual project” and I assume the visual part adds a lot to a performance, as it so often does.  I was expecting something a little more experimental, and indeed, the opening track is definitely something to get excited about.  After that, though, I wasContinue reading “#18 – BLUE by iamamiwhoami”

#17 – Secrets by Herbie Hancock

People say that nothing brings back a memory like a specific smell and I think that music has an equally powerful connection.  You remember exactly when and where you first heard a favorite song or artist.  Herbie Hancock has long been a favorite jazz artist of mine and his extensive catalog has a lot toContinue reading “#17 – Secrets by Herbie Hancock”