#204 – Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? by Fantastic Negrito

Hope everybody is having a great Thanksgiving – as great as possible under the circumstances, anyway.  I know thinks are looking kind of bleak these days, but we also have potentially positive things on the horizon, which is what I am trying to focus on.  Let’s all be safe and responsible for each other’s sakeContinue reading “#204 – Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? by Fantastic Negrito”

#161 – Ego Death by The Internet

I can’t bring myself to actually watch the confirmation hearings that have been going on this week.  The pageantry of it all is ridiculous, with both sides pretending they aren’t just going through the motions in the process of a foregone conclusion.  There does seem to be, however, a pretty good drinking game to beContinue reading “#161 – Ego Death by The Internet”

#151 – Suga by Megan Thee Stallion

It’s rare these days when I feel like it was worth watching Saturday Night Live.  There was a time where my family Tivo’ed it on a regular basis, but that was long ago, indeed.  These days, it takes a news story about how great a certain sketch was or an outstanding musical performance, as wasContinue reading “#151 – Suga by Megan Thee Stallion”

#135 – Dur& by Durand Bernarr

This album popped up on my Instagram feed as recommended by a mutual friend.  Durand performs as a backup singer for Eryka Badu and collaborates with some of the biggest names in modern R&B.  I immediately went to his previous album to keep the vibe going.  On a day when the future of our countryContinue reading “#135 – Dur& by Durand Bernarr”

#124 – In The Right Place by Dr. John

I met Dr. John once while in New Orleans working on a TV show.  We were shooting a scene in an old bar where Dr. John is playing piano and Tommy Lee just happens to bump into him.  The show featured Tommy Lee and Ludacris traveling from city to city, competing in events meant toContinue reading “#124 – In The Right Place by Dr. John”

#84 – Injoy by The Bar-Kays

I’ve been listening to The Bar-Kays’ early work for many years without really knowing much about them.  Just tonight, I learned about the tragedy that befell four of their founding members.  Only about six months after their biggest single to date, “Soul Finger,” was released, a plane carrying Otis Redding and about half of TheContinue reading “#84 – Injoy by The Bar-Kays”

#81 – My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd

We come to the end of another weekend of elevated demonstrations across the country.  The response from our federal government has been and continues to be completely tone-deaf, doubling down on failed, racist policies at every opportunity.  Now we also have the haphazard deployment of Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol units,Continue reading “#81 – My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd”

#61 – Queer Love Songs by be steadwell

Up until this point, I’ve been happy enough with the daily selection to post my first choice.  No more.  I’m not going to call out the album or artist that I’m passing on because I don’t think it was completely without merit, plus it feels mean.  I honestly would have just gone with it ifContinue reading “#61 – Queer Love Songs by be steadwell”

#47 – Ventura by Anderson .Paak

I saw Anderson .Paak at Coachella last year and really enjoyed his set.  That makes it all the sillier that it took watching Trolls World Tour with my 2 ½-year-old to make me check out one of his albums.  If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve been exclusively selecting albumsContinue reading “#47 – Ventura by Anderson .Paak”