#81 – My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd

We come to the end of another weekend of elevated demonstrations across the country.  The response from our federal government has been and continues to be completely tone-deaf, doubling down on failed, racist policies at every opportunity.  Now we also have the haphazard deployment of Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol units, who seem especially unsuited and unqualified to be interacting with the general public, seemingly sent out to score political points in America’s heartland.  That plus the fact that the departmental changes that need to be made in all of our local police departments are going to be slow in coming and resisted at every turn means that there will likely be large demonstrations around the country for the foreseeable future and there absolutely should be.  The pandemic lockdown has really contributed to this perfect storm of fucked up societal issues that seem to make our country ripe for some real meaningful change.  Unfortunately, with our current president and the upcoming potential for his and many other terrible people’s reelection, we could very easily continue down our current path of handing over every resource to our soulless corporate overlords while making ourselves the diseased pariahs of the developed world.  Lets all go and confirm that we are registered to vote and make sure everyone we know does the same.  The opportunity to save the soul of our country is coming in 100 days and we should not miss the opportunity to make our voices heard.

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