#82 – Circles Around the Sun by Circles Around the Sun

This is a fantastic album by a supergroup of the jam scene.  I became aware of Circles when their album, Interludes For The Dead, was played during the intermission of the Fare Thee Well run, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead.  Despite my mental condition at the time, I distinctly remember being very excited about these recordings, and had to hear more from them.  Thy had been commissioned by the Dead’s management to create some instrumental music for the intermissions and they hit it out of the park.  Today’s selection is their most recent offering, the recording of which was tragically punctuated by the suicide of guitarist Neal Casal less than a week after the sessions ended and only a day after an epic performance at the Lock’n festival.  He leaves behind an impressive body of work and, in a note to his bandmates, implored them to continue on without him.  It’s hard to imagine who could replace him, but I’m sure they will carry the torch honorably and keep Neal alive through his music.

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