#124 – In The Right Place by Dr. John

I met Dr. John once while in New Orleans working on a TV show.  We were shooting a scene in an old bar where Dr. John is playing piano and Tommy Lee just happens to bump into him.  The show featured Tommy Lee and Ludacris traveling from city to city, competing in events meant to promote different types of green energy.  Each city’s episode included similar scenes involving celebrities from the area and did not feel forced or contrived at all.  That aside, Dr. John was a really cool guy and introduced himself and chatted up everybody there while we waited for Tommy Lee to show up.  He was playing piano the entire time and the whole scene was just surreal, in general.  That show provided plenty of similarly surreal scenes and wacky TV production stories, and it also led me to eventually make some of the most important connections in the advancement of my audio career.

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