#233 – Christmas Becomes Electric by The Moog Machine

I hope everybody had a good pandemicmas and that you and yours are all safe and healthy.  I am not a big fan of Christmas music, particularly its tendency to get rammed down your throat everywhere you go at this time of year, but not during a pandemic lockdown.  I hate to suggest that thereContinue reading “#233 – Christmas Becomes Electric by The Moog Machine”

#214 – self-titled by Vagabon

I really enjoy hearing stories about how musicians careers got started.  The origin stories are as diverse as the artists themselves or their music.  In this case Laetitia Tamko, AKA Vagabon, worked as a computer engineer and wrote music in her spare time until her first album, Infinite Worlds, became an indie breakout success.  It’sContinue reading “#214 – self-titled by Vagabon”

#175 – Evocations by Rodg

I’ve only ever really been aware of the big names in electronic music, especially EDM, so I’m always grateful for a recommendation.  In this case, it came from my wheelhouse, the Spotify algorithm.  A cornerstone of this blog is to take any recommendation, from any source, as long as it passes the one criteria thatContinue reading “#175 – Evocations by Rodg”

#171 – Paper Television by The Blow

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the presidential debate the other night was actually watchable.  Obviously, our stable genius in chief still repeated the same baseless accusations and alternative facts that spew from him anytime the attention is on someone else for a few moments, but he also was more professional that I thoughtContinue reading “#171 – Paper Television by The Blow”

#75 – A Strangely Isolated Place by Ulrich Schnauss

I’ll be honest, I picked this album because I saw the artist’s name in a list and thought it was fun to say.  It came up at the end of a Tycho album and any electronic artist would be honored to be put in the same sentence as him.  I feel like the general public’sContinue reading “#75 – A Strangely Isolated Place by Ulrich Schnauss”

#66 – Big Grams by Big Grams

I wish I could take more enjoyment in watching the wheels come off the trump administration bus, but their problems are killing far too many people to feel OK about that.  I don’t want to get my hopes up about any of these people feeling any consequences for their actions, but it is technically possibleContinue reading “#66 – Big Grams by Big Grams”

#59 – LP by Discovery

This has been the strangest 4th of July of my life.  It feels somewhat disjointed to be celebrating the founding of our country at the highest point of internal turmoil we’ve faced in a very long time.  Add to this a global health crisis and its hard to imagine things getting better anytime soon.  WhatContinue reading “#59 – LP by Discovery”