#75 – A Strangely Isolated Place by Ulrich Schnauss

I’ll be honest, I picked this album because I saw the artist’s name in a list and thought it was fun to say.  It came up at the end of a Tycho album and any electronic artist would be honored to be put in the same sentence as him.  I feel like the general public’s perception of what electronic music is could not be farther from the mellow, atmospheric mood that a single person with an elegant array of technology can create.  It’s often closer to classical music than the thunderous bass and rave atmosphere that we expect from most DJs.  This is the perfect atmosphere for such artists to thrive, as most people have become hermit-like and in search of activities inside their homes.  Electronic musicians might be some of the best suited to such a lifestyle since that’s how a lot of them spend their free time anyway.  I’m sure the surge of new music from all of our favorite artists as the quarantine continues will become apparent in short order.  It’s nice to be able to find some small benefits to it all, even though it’s in something that is not especially crucial, yet can still bring such joy to people.    

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