#74 – Big Brother & The Holding Company by Big Brother & The Holding Company

I saw a great video on Instagram of a BB & THC performance and realized that I didn’t know anything about their catalog besides the Cheap Thrills album.  They always make me think of some friends of my parents who had a nude poster of Janis Joplin hanging over their television.  It’s hard to focus on music – or anything, really – while our country has started to deploy secret police to kidnap protesters who are exercising their constitutional rights.  Our gradual approach to becoming a police state has accelerated to the point where our president has decided to use Gestapo tactics to create a political flashpoint.  The legitimacy of our democracy has always been on the decline during my lifetime, so the shady political maneuvering that is going on during this time of crisis should not be terribly surprising.  However, since it’s an election year I thought congress would show some signs of common decency and compassion for their constituents.  Sadly, this has not been the case and I can only hope that the history books show how badly our country had botched every opportunity to protect ourselves and the world.  The level of selfishness that is on display these days is truly appalling and I hope our fellow citizens can be made to see the error of their ways without anyone they know dying horribly.  Historically, though, Americans need things to arrive on their doorstep before they believe what they’re told, so we are in for a long, tragic road out of this pandemic. 

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