#66 – Big Grams by Big Grams

I wish I could take more enjoyment in watching the wheels come off the trump administration bus, but their problems are killing far too many people to feel OK about that.  I don’t want to get my hopes up about any of these people feeling any consequences for their actions, but it is technically possible so that’ll just have to do.  I’m also feeling pretty lazy right now, so I’m going to play online poker and listen to some fun music. 

2 thoughts on “#66 – Big Grams by Big Grams

  1. Edward,

    Three(four) records for you.

    Peter Gabriel – Security The first of his seriously fucking great records, followed by So, Us, and Up. Some of the best records ever made. I recorded Jerry Marota right after this record, he used to go to the Holiday(I think) market in Hollywood(now a gelsons) to pick up older women to shag in his hotel room. He was as much of a dick in the US as he was in the UK(by the looks of the video below)… but god damn he could play. Here’s a fun mini doc/interview about this record. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=peter+gabriel+security&atb=v110-1&iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DscmYG1Pv1_Q

    Tom Waits – Swardfishtrombone. Soldier’s Things. Fuck Me. Winner of best understated introspective reflection of loss from Viet Nam(and war in general). 16 shells from a 30.06! Victor Feldmen used to talk about working on this record like he saw god. (I thought Victor was god…)

    Ricky Lee Jones – Pirates It’s the flip side of Ricky Lee Jones. [4] (Texaco! Company!!) Both are fucking epic records. Peerless musicianship, peerless recording, peerless writing and singing. Makes for a good couple records. Skeletons. This came out in 1982? Police brutality would not become a part of the American lexicon for what, 35 years? Ricky has a way like no other to paint the fine layer of film of humanity that is lost with every lazy fat fuck’s ignorant bullet. [fun fact, Walter Becker from the Dan heard a record I made with Bill Gable and asked me to meet Ricky to do her new record, must have been 1990? we meet at the Chateau Marmot, she was not into me at all. She also said I was way too expensive, at $35 per hour! They ended up using Greg Penny, the keyboard player in the band for $10 per.]

    Thank you for spending your days social isolated from me – but on the PL – a net positive, I’d say.

    Your pal, Dan



    1. Thanks for the recommendations and for reading! I’m not super familiar with the Peter Gabriel or Ricky Lee Jones catalogs, so those will be fun to explore.
      I would imagine working with Tom Waits to be a transcendent experience. He’s definitely one of my favorite songwriters.

      See you Tuesday!


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