#65 – Moving Waves by Focus

This is the second album that I have chosen because of the movie Trolls World Tour, with the first being by Anderson .Paak.  This one, however, was because of a song in the movie, “Hocus Pocus.”  The distinctive yodeling parts are a pretty serious earworm, as are most of the songs in that franchise.  My daughter, who is two years, nine months old, is obsessed with the Trolls movies and wants to listen to their soundtracks or watch at least one of them daily.  Although they are certainly better than a lot of content that she likes to watch, their soundtracks haunt my dreams.  Focus is a progressive rock band from Amsterdam who has been active on and off since 1969.  As someone who grew up listening to a lot of Yes, Rush and a bunch of other prog rock bands, these guys are right up my alley, however I realize that most people’s eyes roll back in their heads when they hear a twenty minute instrumental song.  Nothing is right for everyone.     

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