#64 – Paper Mâché Dream Balloon by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Anyone that knows me well has heard me talk about this band.  They’re my favorite Australian act hands down and the rate at which they release new music is pretty astonishing.  They’ve put out seventeen albums since 2011.  In 2017 alone they released five full length albums.  The depth of their catalog is matched by their versatility, with their genre-fluid style from one album to the next.  I saw them last summer at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles only a few weeks after they had released Infest The Rats Nest, a metal album, which bore little resemblance to the album they released about six months earlier, Fishing For Fishies, which I would definitely have somewhere near the top of my list of favorite albums of 2019.  Fishing is a much more mellow and sometimes very bluesy album which drew them a lot of new fans that year, so parts of the crowd at the Greek that night can be forgiven for being a little confused by the fairly aggressive set we heard that evening.  I’m still exploring their catalog myself, but there hasn’t been much of anything I haven’t liked so far.  If you really have some free time on your hands, try listening to their five 2017 albums back-to-back.

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