#59 – LP by Discovery

This has been the strangest 4th of July of my life.  It feels somewhat disjointed to be celebrating the founding of our country at the highest point of internal turmoil we’ve faced in a very long time.  Add to this a global health crisis and its hard to imagine things getting better anytime soon.  What a perfect time to have an election.  As though things weren’t complicated enough in American politics, apparently now Kanye West will be trying to appear on the presidential ballot.  Besides the general distaste I have for the idea of another political novice leading our country, let alone another “very stable genius,” there is the very real possibility that Kanye could divide the democrat-leaning voters.  What a strange twist to the ever-evolving Kanye West story that would be.  How many fans does it cost you if you hand Donald Trump his second term?  I’m not even sure the man himself would be all that grateful, with the way things are looking right now.  Is it too much to hope for that this could be a publicity stunt?

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