#58 – So Jealous by Tegan and Sara

I’ve actually seen Tegan and Sara live more than once but never listened to an album of theirs until today.  Here we are on 4th of July Eve and our country is not so much backsliding as running full speed into the path of a speeding train.  A certain percentage of our population will accept the word of opinion columnists over any medical professional or scientist.  The frustration of seeing my ability to work in my chosen field slipping further and further towards 2021 is matched – and surpassed – by the realization that we must depend on our fellow citizens to get out of this mess.  As I write this, I can hear thunderous reggaeton music emanating from my idiot neighbor’s 4th of July party.  These are the people whose selfish refusal to follow simple instructions will make this situation last many times longer than should have been necessary.  They have plenty of company.  The anti-science and anti-intellectual attitude coming from our executive branch these days is so far from the kind of leadership required that it would be deemed implausible in any work of fiction.  Eventually, Americans will begrudgingly do what is necessary to get their lives as close to normal as they can.  Unfortunately, a ridiculous number of us will never listen to reason until they are clubbed over the head with the grim reality.  How many more deaths will there be before that is possible?

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