#22 – Fuzz Machine by Marc Ford

I learned of this album from a Relix article about Marc Ford and the abrupt ending to his relationship with Rich Robinson.  I definitely saw Marc with the Black Crowes several times, but was not familiar with any of his solo work.  This album is filled with great guitar work from a rock master.  It really makes me wonder about all of the music that was created by the lesser-known members of tumultuous bands.  Famous feuds like that of Pink Floyd, Oasis and Guns ‘N Roses definitely changed the lives of the bandmates who weren’t really involved in the feud.  It must be frustrating, after all the work it took for those bands to get as big as they were, to see them fall apart from the inside over fairly trivial squabbles.  The other members are certainly extremely talented in their own right, so it would be a fun detour to look into the side projects of musicians who were put in that position.  Still, its super frustrating, as a fan, to know what could’ve been if certain people were able to swallow their pride.

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