#17 – Secrets by Herbie Hancock

People say that nothing brings back a memory like a specific smell and I think that music has an equally powerful connection.  You remember exactly when and where you first heard a favorite song or artist.  Herbie Hancock has long been a favorite jazz artist of mine and his extensive catalog has a lot to discover.  I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl the night before my first daughter was born.  In my defense, it was a last-second (and wife-sanctioned) decision to join some friends who were going.  I bought a $12 ticket at the box office and went to meet them.  The show was undersold, so we were able to just walk down to an empty luxury box that nobody ever came to claim.  This was also my second concert of the week, as I had dragged my 40-plus weeks pregnant wife out to the Wiltern to see Bela Fleck and Chick Corea a couple nights before her due date.  I still can’t believe she went for that idea.  It was an incredible week of experiences for us that was emphatically punctuated just over 24 hours later when she went into labor.

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