#389 – Oh My Sweet Lord by Marijuana Deathsquads

I came across these guys in one of my favorite compilation, Day of the Dead, which is an eclectic collection of Grateful Dead covers that I have surely mentioned here several times before. Now that I’ve heard one of their albums – which I enjoyed thoroughly – I can’t help but wonder how they gotContinue reading “#389 – Oh My Sweet Lord by Marijuana Deathsquads”

#385 – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down by Noah and the Whale

If there’s one useful thing about Instagram, at least from the perspective of a mediocre music blogger, it’s that there are plenty of hip, young people posting their favorite new music all day long. In this case, today’s selection was posted by my niece, Christina, who is both an extremely talented singer and musician, butContinue reading “#385 – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down by Noah and the Whale”

#384 – Goat by The Jesus Lizard

I was interested to learn that a grand jury has convened in New York to weigh charges involving the Trump organization. While this news is welcome, I have a hard time feeling optimistic about Teflon Don being made to feel any consequences for his lifetime of shitty behavior, but I am really hopeful that theContinue reading “#384 – Goat by The Jesus Lizard”

#382 – Teatro d’ira – Vol. 1 by Måneskin

These guys just won the Eurovision Song Contest, which is apparently unusual since it usually goes to a pop act. The reason it came to my attention, however, is because the lead singer has been accused of doing cocaine on camera during their victory celebration. Apparently, drug use is looked down upon by the EurovisionContinue reading “#382 – Teatro d’ira – Vol. 1 by Måneskin”