#621 – Lovers and Leavers by Hayes Carll

I met a new co-worker the other day who turned out to be quite like-minded in many ways, one of which being a love for live music. He suggested quite a few, extremely varied artists to me, which is my favorite way to pick the daily selection. The next week or so will be pepperedContinue reading “#621 – Lovers and Leavers by Hayes Carll”

#617 – Wisenheimer by Custard

My kids are currently obsessed with an Australian cartoon show about a family of dogs, called Bluey. The man who voices Bluey’s dad is Dave McCormack, the frontman of Custard. These guys are an indie band from the ‘90s with a bit of a cult following who have seen a resurgence when they started releasingContinue reading “#617 – Wisenheimer by Custard”

#616 – Futures by Jimmy Eat World

I was only familiar with one, very poppy era of this band’s music, but after having dinner with some friends who have seen them relatively recently, I’ve delved further into their catalog. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked some of their later albums. It just goes to show youContinue reading “#616 – Futures by Jimmy Eat World”