#530 – self-titled by Tomahawk

They can’t all be zingers, as the lovely and talented Mr Les Claypool would say, but supergroups have a better chance than most, as they bring together not only the musical stylings of established successful artists, but also elements of their respective fan bases. Tomahawk is made up of members of the Jesus Lizard, FaithContinue reading “#530 – self-titled by Tomahawk”

#529 – Bad Behavior by BRONCHO

Not only did I return to concert-going Sunday night with one of my favorite bands of all time, but in the process I met some very cool and like-minded people. One of them recommended this artist to me and I really enjoyed their album. Live music creates a truly magical atmosphere that brings people togetherContinue reading “#529 – Bad Behavior by BRONCHO”

#524 – Unlearning by Teddy Swims

Every so often, we get a reminder about why you can’t judge a book by its cover, and today’s artist is a perfect example of that. When you see someone with a collection of face tattoos, it’s hard not to form opinions about them, however this gentleman’s music is so different from what his appearanceContinue reading “#524 – Unlearning by Teddy Swims”

#523 – Welcome to the Hill by Yussef Dayes Trio

This is a great live recording by some very talented improvisational jazz musicians. You say you don’t like jammy jazz music? I say you’re missing out. But then, that’s how I feel anytime someone tells me they don’t care for any genre in particular. These kinds of recordings, though, really epitomize the living, breathing natureContinue reading “#523 – Welcome to the Hill by Yussef Dayes Trio”

#521 – self-titled by Rush

Next weekend marks the long-awaited (by me, at least) return of Primus to the LA area. One of my favorite live acts of all time, this repeatedly rescheduled your feature a performance of Rush’s amazing A Farewell to Kings album, a tribute to the late, great Neil Peart. Having never seen Rush live is probablyContinue reading “#521 – self-titled by Rush”