#86 – Lonely Trip by Trey Anastasio

I can only hope all the rest of my favorite artists have used their lockdown time as well as Trey apparently has.  I know a lot of people’s eyes roll back when they hear about anything Phish-related, but I think even the most stalwart jam-hater can find something to like about this album.  It hasContinue reading “#86 – Lonely Trip by Trey Anastasio”

#85 – Mishima by Philip Glass and Maki Namekawa

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to pick a classical album.  The first job I had in pro audio was working for some classical recording engineers in Boston while I was in college.  I literally fell into the opportunity when I sat next to the right person at a wedding that I hadn’tContinue reading “#85 – Mishima by Philip Glass and Maki Namekawa”

#84 – Injoy by The Bar-Kays

I’ve been listening to The Bar-Kays’ early work for many years without really knowing much about them.  Just tonight, I learned about the tragedy that befell four of their founding members.  Only about six months after their biggest single to date, “Soul Finger,” was released, a plane carrying Otis Redding and about half of TheContinue reading “#84 – Injoy by The Bar-Kays”

#83 – Closer Than Together by The Avett Brothers

I first heard The Avett Brothers live at what was then the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.  We showed up late, about halfway through Brandi Carlile’s set, which was a disappointment because she was the reason that we were there in the first place.  What we saw of her was excellent, but the headliners, TheContinue reading “#83 – Closer Than Together by The Avett Brothers”

#82 – Circles Around the Sun by Circles Around the Sun

This is a fantastic album by a supergroup of the jam scene.  I became aware of Circles when their album, Interludes For The Dead, was played during the intermission of the Fare Thee Well run, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead.  Despite my mental condition at the time, I distinctly remember beingContinue reading “#82 – Circles Around the Sun by Circles Around the Sun”

#81 – My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd

We come to the end of another weekend of elevated demonstrations across the country.  The response from our federal government has been and continues to be completely tone-deaf, doubling down on failed, racist policies at every opportunity.  Now we also have the haphazard deployment of Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol units,Continue reading “#81 – My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd”

#78 – Room For Squares by John Mayer

I was never a huge fan of John Mayer until he became the new Jerry Garcia.  I knew he was a great guitarist, but I just never thought I’d be in his target audience and for the most part, I am not.  At each of the several Dead & Company shows I’ve attended, I’ve heardContinue reading “#78 – Room For Squares by John Mayer”

#77 – Big Swing Face by Buddy Rich

I heard a joke today about Buddy Rich and knew my selection would have to be from his extensive catalog.  Rich is a legend, mostly for his virtuosic drumming, but to many people in the entertainment industry, he is also remembered for an infamous series of recordings secretly made by members of his band.  HisContinue reading “#77 – Big Swing Face by Buddy Rich”