Back when there were still concerts, I worked on the Coachella webcast.  The big perk of that job is that you end up having the opportunity to see a lot of bands in between the times when you actually have work to do, especially early in the day.  These early slots will often have up and coming bands that you haven’t heard of, as well as really interesting acts that, despite their lack of mainstream appeal, are so unique that they draw the attention of the festival staff on the second weekend.  The word gets around, both among festival staff and the general public whose friends went to week one, that anyone who can should come and see it for themselves.  JAMBINAI is one such act.  I had looked them up beforehand and was properly intrigued, so it was cool to see their crowd grow astronomically from week one to week two.  Try to imagine Sigur Ros, playing traditional Korean folk instruments, but also combined with heavy, 7-string guitar sounds.  When I say you’ve never heard anything like it, you will most likely agree.  ONDA is their third studio album and between their catalog and their live performance, I will certainly be on the lookout for any opportunity to see them again, especially in a smaller venue.

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