#358 – Brightest Lights by Lane 8

There are some days where you learn a lot about yourself and about the world. Ideally, these lessons do not come with a particularly high cost to you, personally. Of course there will be other days where it feels like you’re being dragged through the mud, or worse, across something more abrasive. I’m not sayingContinue reading “#358 – Brightest Lights by Lane 8”

#357 – Masterpiece by Big Thief

There is a seemingly bottomless well of great indie rock bands that I’ve never heard of. It’s been fun discovering more and more of them as this project has gone on, and Big Thief is a great example. It’s obviously just a sign of my ignorance of various music scenes around the country that artistsContinue reading “#357 – Masterpiece by Big Thief”

#356 – Superdream by Big Wild

I’ve really been phoning in these posts this week. It’s partially because I’m on a mini family vacation and partially because I’ve been utterly uninspired lately. It seems I’m finally coming to the peak of my “COVID fatigue” that has been festering for over a year. Time to get myself back on track and figureContinue reading “#356 – Superdream by Big Wild”

#351 – Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi

This album was recommended by a friend, who sold it to me with his description of Daler Mehndi as the Indian David Byrne. I can definitely hear why he would think that, as well as why I should be exploring Indian music more. Yet another culture with a long and distinctive musical tradition that IContinue reading “#351 – Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi”