#901 – Entering Heaven Alive by Jack White

After yesterday’s trip through my listening past, I came across this offering from Jack White, who also once took up a decent amount of my eartime. This is actually his second album release of 2022, three months and change after the release of Fear of the Dawn, with which I will be following up today’sContinue reading “#901 – Entering Heaven Alive by Jack White”

#900 – Return of the Dream Canteen by Red Hot Chili Peppers

If there’s one thing that I have not been great at throughout this listening project, it’s with creating any kind of fanfare for the milestones that I have reached. Here we are at another big, round number and I am barely marking it at all. I did, however, listen to the newest album by aContinue reading “#900 – Return of the Dream Canteen by Red Hot Chili Peppers”

#895 – Neighborhoods by Blink 182

There’s a bit of a hubbub going on right now over the outrageous prices that Ticketmaster is charging for the upcoming Blink 182 tour. I’m not sure where all these complainers have been for the last 20 years, as this issue has gotten worse and worse over time. There was once a time when AmericaContinue reading “#895 – Neighborhoods by Blink 182”