#888 – Paranoid & Sunburnt by Skunk Anansie

I overheard a conversation about this artist the other day and had to check them out. Honestly, I’m a little surprised I never came across them. When they were releasing their first few albums, I was at my peak of heavy music fandom. To be fair, I don’t think suburban white males were necessarily inContinue reading “#888 – Paranoid & Sunburnt by Skunk Anansie”

#883 – Philadelphia 1980 by Frank Zappa

One of my frequent sorrows as a music fan is my love of artists that have passed away or are no longer creating new music for whatever reason. I will ravenously devour any of their work that I have never experienced and seek out anything similar, or featuring their past collaborators. Frank died before IContinue reading “#883 – Philadelphia 1980 by Frank Zappa”