#261 – Vu De L’Extérieur by Serge Gainsbourg

In honor of our new president’s plans to make America the laughing stock of the developed world no longer, it feels like a good time for some music from nations that have traditionally been our allies.  If you couldn’t figure it our for yourself, today’s selection is from France, probably America’s earliest prolific ally.  They helped to supply Washington’s army, about as early as anyone could possibly provide assistance.  It’s insane to think anyone could want to fight against the movement towards globalization, but there wasn’t a ton of logic to be found amongst our former president’s foreign policy goals.  At least, that’s how it will seem until we can discover just how profitable they were to him and his cronies.  Sigh.  We’ll just have to be satisfied with our present attempted return to sanity and hope we can continue down that path for many years to come.

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