#260 – Recess by Skrillex

I’ve always listened to a little bit of techno, going back to Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk, but I never listened to more than a few songs by the biggest artists.  Even later, when Skrillex first blew up, I knew just a few tracks that friends and coworkers were enthusiastic about.  That all changed in 2015 when he and Diplo collaborated on their album Jack Ü.  I was working at an MTV award show when they debuted “Where Are Ü Now,” featuring Justin Bieber.  It was a great performance that led me to the rest of the album, which is definitely my most played EDM album.  This was also the second year that I worked at Coachella, where I saw Jack Ü, followed by a lot of other discoveries that I am now a fan of.  It really makes me wonder about all of the great music that I was not open to seeing when I was younger.  So many missed opportunities that I did not become aware of for many years afterwards.  Such is the folly of youth.

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